Our story

Creating magical moments to remember forever with our special "mum's touch"
A little introduction about me. I'm Steph, owner and founder of You’re Invited Ltd. 
I was born and raised in London and grew up with the love of all things artistic - drama, music, art and design.
Fast forward a few years, I am now married with our own beautiful daughter who is nearly four and two amazing step children who all of which are my world and are the reason I push and strive at everything I do. 
We are also owners of a courier business, which has allowed us to put money and time into a project which has been a dream for so many years - and here we are today.
Being a working mum, trying to juggle two business’s, children, a marriage, sustaining sanity and trying to live up to the constant pressures of motherhood isn’t always easy but I sure do try!
You’re Invited has been a dream of mine for many years, putting my OCD and perfectionist hat into good use - to create magical moments that people will remember forever.
I hope with my visions, work ethic, and most importantly, my passion, you love and enjoy our breathtaking work and we make every occasion one to remember! ✨
Welcome to You're Invited...

A special way to make the perfect day!
I'm a mother of three and have always enjoyed planning and organising my children's birthday parties.
So being part of You're Invited allows me to share my creative imagination and ideas.
Running and designing in floristry for 6 years gives me the confidence to achieve great things on this new adventure.
I take so much pride in all that I do and will ensure I put all my efforts in creating the perfect party that suits the needs of every parent and child. 
Let's make special memories.